Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge for a studio shoot?

The rate depends on your requirement. Please contact us to learn more about rates and availability.

How long does a studio shoot last?

It can take as long as you need. We don't impose a time limit to the shoots. If you are pressed for time then we can work quickly. If you want more options, we can go at your own pace. 

We limit our bookings to a maximum of two sessions per day. One morning session, one afternoon.  It’s a private studio, so there’s only a couple of people in the studio all day long.

Should I bring different outfit options?

Up to you... come dressed as you are or bring as many outfit changes as you like. At the beginning of the shoot, we can have a look and we can advise what we think would work best. There is a changing room at the studio so no problems with that!

What about hair and makeup?

Sometimes we can arrange a hair and/or a make-up stylist to visit the studio during the shoot. This is recommended for fashion and advertising shoots but can also be great for concept and magazine editorial shoots. Give me a call if you would like to discuss whether you need a stylist. 

Can we shoot on-location for example in my office, my home or outside somewhere? 

Yes we can. If you require the shoot to take place on-location, be it at your home, office or outside location simply contact us to discuss and we will send you a tailored quotation.

What are your COVID-19 measures?

We are cleaning and disinfecting the studio after every shoot. We have hand sanitiser on site and continuing to be in line with Jersey's Government guidelines. We respect personal space and try to keep at 2 meters distance at all times.

How long will it take to get the pictures back? 

After the shoot, we will schedule a viewing of your photos. After you have made your selection, you should receive your digital images within 3-7 days but but if you have any urgent requests we can discuss it.

Alastair's rendition of our shoot!

A nice little video with some tips for Branding Shoots. If you are interested in some video marketing - this guy is your man ! 

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